Customs agents reacted quickly.

I thoroughly enjoy beachcombing. I love to run across what the sea washes ashore with every tide. Our home has several shells and pieces of drift wood that we’ve found in our area over the years. Another Florida beachgoer ran across a sizable find near a Key West beach recently. As the sun worshipper gazed out across the surf and relaxed, they noticed something bobbing in the water. Was it a fish? Perhaps a swimmer in distress? Could it be a small water craft? The curious Floridian ventured out into the waves to grab the item. It appeared to be a large rectangle, heavily insulated and wrapped so as to not take on water. It was covered in dark plastic and secured with several layers of industrial-strength tape. Once it was heaved back to the shore and onto the sand, the beachgoer knew that something was awry. It looked just like those pictures we’ve all seen. You know, the photos of the officers standing next to stacks of brown bales while holding rifles…faces blurred so their identity won’t be discovered? While the origin of the package could not be determined immediately, an investigation was launched by officers. One single bale was actually several smaller packages, individually wrapped and then wrapped together in one huge lump. The large bale weighed in at 69 pounds and was later identified as pure cocaine. Agents from Customs and Border Protection quickly arrived, identified and seized the substance. For those of you who are wondering, that much cocaine is worth a little over one million dollars. Here’s the total haul. Source:

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