She was last seen waiting for an Uber.

In another heavily covered case of a missing young woman, the boyfriend is being held on a murder charge and is set to appear in court today. The man stands accused of killing his girlfriend and will stand before a judge in Pasco County this afternoon. The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Collin Knapp was taken into custody and charged with second degree murder yesterday. Although Kathleen Moore’s body has not yet been found, details coming to the surface prompted the man’s incarceration. Witnesses say the couple was seen bar-hopping recently, then arguing shortly afterward. The last time Moore was seen, she was standing and waiting for an Uber after spending some time with Knapp. Investigators say they believe she never left Knapp’s residence. In a recent development, deputies searched a local landfill and found clothing with Moore’s blood on it. Officers say a body was not found, but enough blood was present that Knapp could be charged with Moore’s death. Pasco County Sheriff Nocco continued to say that Knapp has been asked to give the location of Kathleen’s body, but he has been “very cold” during questioning. Police records show that Knapp has a history of domestic violence with several other women and has been arrested for almost a dozen felonies and various misdemeanors over the last two decades. Source:

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