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The worst she’ll say is no; however, the worst he’ll do is stab you outside your very own apartment. That’s what  Augustin Lucas Mariani, 20, did after his repeated rejections from his co-worker Delfina Pan.

Mariani arrived uninvited to Pan’s apartment in Miami and waited for her to return home earlier in the week. Instead, he confronted her, and she refused to let him in when he asked to come inside. He then became angry and began stabbing her with a knife he had brought from the restaurant he worked at.

According to a witness of the altercation, he said that after the attack, Mariani took off his shirt and then started to stab himself. He laid down next to the victim, found and taken to a local hospital. Pan was pronounced dead, but Mariani is expected to recover.

Co-workers described Mariani as strange and said he was obsessed with Pan when she started. “He worked with us,” Pan’s friend told the outlet. “A super strange boy, and nobody knew anything about his life. He went to work and did not say hello to anyone.”