The driver hit two cars and several people.

Law enforcement officers have extremely dangerous jobs, we’ve always known that. But often the risk lies in places and situations we don’t consider. Like when an officer is roadside, investigating a crash or disabled vehicle. Drunk drivers are everywhere, and they are routinely and inexplicably drawn to flashing lights on emergency vehicles. More and more, however, distracted drivers are at the root of deadly crashes. That’s what happened in Polk County on Tuesday night. A Lake Wales police officer was helping with some citizens who were stranded on the side of the road when a car approached at full speed, crashed into the cruiser and then -boned another car. Neither the officer nor the bystanders were killed, but there were injuries. As the terrifying bodycam video shows, Lake Wales Officer Jacob Raines was rendering aid to some people who’s car was stuck in a ditch. Officer Raines had placed his police vehicle in the right-hand lane of the road with its lights flashing to warn oncoming traffic of the danger. When Raines noticed that an approaching car was not slowing or moving into the other lane, he attempted to signal the driver to change lanes with his flashlight. It did not work. The car crashed into the rear of the cruiser and then veered off of the road and toward the disabled car, hitting it broadside. Several people were hit by the car, with one man being knocked to the ground and another boy being hit in the hand. The driver, who police identified as Fort Myers resident Jose Antonio Cuevas was allegedly texting while driving. The police vehicle was totaled in the crash. Cuevas was cited with careless driving and texting while driving. Investigators say if the officer had been standing behind his cruiser, this story would have been far more tragic. Source:

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