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It’s hard to say what could make anyone possibly come to this conclusion, but it happened. William Conway Broyles, 57, who served at a local church as the music minister, made a horrifying call to 911 Wednesday to Nassau County Sheriffs department.

When deputies arrived, he was lying in his driveway just looking at the sky. According to the Sheriff’s department, when pressed by investigators, he told them he shot his wife and children multiple times “just to make sure they didn’t suffer.”

Broyles has been charged with three counts of second-degree murder. He appeared before a judge in Nassau County on Thursday morning and was denied bond. He told the judge he couldn’t afford a lawyer, so one would be appointed to represent him. Broyles spoke clearly but twitched as he stood barefoot, gripping the bottom of his smock during court proceedings.

Deputies found his wife dead in the living room and daughter in her bedroom, where they said her father shot her as she was waking up. The son was killed in his bedroom, and his door was broken down.

When asked why he didn’t shoot himself, he replied: “He was too Scared”

[Source ABC News]

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