Officers are not talking about a gun.

News agencies were buzzing about a month ago. Gabby Petito’s body had been found.

According to WFLA, homicide by strangulation was ruled as the cause of death. Her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie was the key person of interest in the death.

Then he disappeared. A huge search ensued. After what seemed like an eternity, his body was found.

The coroner deemed the cause of death as a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Now, there are more questions than ever.

What happened to Gabby? Did Laundrie’s parents know anythng about her death? How was Brian able to elude police?

Finally, why didn’t police mention anything about a gun at the site where they found Brian’s body? If the medical examiner indeed believes that Laundrie killed himself by a gunshot to the head, where is the pistol?

Shouldn’t it be very close to the body? Neither local police nor the Federal Bureau of Investigation have said anything about the discovery of a gun near the body.

The Laundrie family attorney has told reporters that the parents turned over all of the family guns to police when the investigation started, but one pistol was already missing. It’s beginning to look like we may never have all of our questions answered, because both of the main characters in this story are dead.

The last real hope for clues lies with Brian Laundrie’s notebook or possibly a recording of some sort. Gabby Petito’s family declined comment about the latest developments.


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