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She has some odd secrets.

Not everyone is afforded the chance to live to see 100 years on Earth. Most of us discover fast food, smoking, drinking and other vices that eventually lead to our premature downfall. Today, however, is Eva Hutto’s 100th birthday. She was born all the way back in 1921 and has lived in Florida her entire life. She’s seen World Wars, humans landing on the moon, prohibition and lately, the birth of the internet. It’s been a life full of wonderment and fascinating world events. She’s also been a wife, a mom, a grandmother and a great-grandmother. In fact she has an eighth great-grandughter due to make an appearance very soon. She has tips for those who want to see their centennial, among them is, get ready for this…eating BACON! Wiat, what? But hang on, it gets better. Hutto also recommends some other interesting foods and beverages. She says it’s important to remain active and ‘pay attention to your health’ (?). In addition to pork products, Hutto loves candies and chocolates, saying she throughly enjoys cake and cookies. There is one thing she believes is the most powerful tool in her arsenal for a long life, and that is coffee! She prefers to take it black, with no cream and no sweetener. She also never misses an opportunity to enjoy family photos and flowers. You kmow, granny stuff. Happy birthday, Eva! Source:

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Sean Roberts was conceived in the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky by two passionate, panel aligning, third shifters who had grown bored with the same ole same ole. Upon birth, he was placed in the trunk of a new Stingray and sent off to find his destiny. That destiny included several stints on radio stations across the United States. Some played punk country gospel, while others focused on Croatian death metal played backwards. After many years and many adventures, Sean wound up on The Shark, where he does shots of tequila while playing the most badass tunes ever created by humankind. He remains humble, however, never forgetting about the lean years...the street corners and dark alleys where he played songs on his car stereo for food and sex. He's on top and he's never gonna stop LIVING THE DREAM!