Brown remains off the schedule due to an anlkle injury.

First of all, how in hell do you wind up owing a chef thousands of dollars? My local bar cuts me off after 2 drinks! It must be nice to be Antonio Brown. Well, when nasty accusations about you are not flying, at least. Antonio Brown’s chef says the Buccaneers wide receiver owes him $10,000, and that’s why he went public with his claim that Brown never got a vaccination for COVID-19. Allegations and denials have been flying. Here are the latest updates in the case, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Brown’s chef says the football player never got vaccinated for the coronavirus and now that Brown has neglected to pay the man the money the chef says he owes him, he has decided to go public with inside information about his immunization status. The chef asserts that Brown submited fake immunization to the NFL. A report from the Tampa Bay Times alledges text messages they acquired show that Brown was willing to pay $500 for a counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination card. The TBT article claims that Brown’s chef came forward with the allegation, sayng that the Buccaneer owes him $10,000 and refuses to pay the debt. An offical statement from the NFL says that they conducted informational seminars that highlighted the benefits of getting vaccinated and all of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have submitted documentation as proof of getting the vaccine. They went on to say that they found no irregularities in the documentation of any of the Bucs players. The process was questioned after several players tested positive for coronavirus mlately. Antonio Brown missed a Bucs game earlier this year after contracting COVID-19. He is currently off the schedule due to an ankle injury. Source:

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