The man is going to prison.

It’s that time of year again! The crowds are getting bigger as shopping for Christmas kicks into high gear. That may be what brought a woman and her son to the toy aisle of a big box store in Winter Haven. It’s always nice to see the glow in your kids’ eyes as they pour over the latest fun gadgets. Unfortunately, that was not what brought a Florida perv to the toy aisle. Police say the Winter Haven man decided to act upon his perverted desires as the woman shopped for her son. Winter Haven police say a 21-year-old local man man made a trip to the local super store in search of a scratch for his pervy itch. That’s when he approached a woman who was also there shopping, dropped his pants and pleasured himself openly while standing closely behind her. Believe it or not, it gets worse. The man carried out the act while the mother was standing in the toy aisle with her 12-year-old son. Once the man was…um…done, he proceeded to make a mess on the woman’s back. Sadly, the 12-year-old boy saw the entire incident in progress, told his mother and notified store personnel. Cops were called and an effort to identify the man commenced. The perv was almost immediately identified from surveillance photos. Police went to the man’s home just a few miles away, where he was arrested. Turns out, Winter Haven police frown on lewd and lascivious behavior in the presence of a child under 16. The offending man and his attorney reached a plea agreement with prosecutors. The man will spend 15 months in prison. After his sentence is fulfilled, he will remain on probation for 3 years and undergo a psychosexual evaluation. There was also a monetary payemnt made to the victims. Source:

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Sean Roberts was conceived in the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky by two passionate, panel aligning, third shifters who had grown bored with the same ole same ole. Upon birth, he was placed in the trunk of a new Stingray and sent off to find his destiny. That destiny included several stints on radio stations across the United States. Some played punk country gospel, while others focused on Croatian death metal played backwards. After many years and many adventures, Sean wound up on The Shark, where he does shots of tequila while playing the most badass tunes ever created by humankind. He remains humble, however, never forgetting about the lean years...the street corners and dark alleys where he played songs on his car stereo for food and sex. He's on top and he's never gonna stop LIVING THE DREAM!