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Well, this isn’t the first time Florida Man has been able to allude to the law, but it may be the first time it’s because he was dead.

Johnny Masesa was ordered by a judge in Connecticut to be arrested after scamming an elderly woman out of $85,000. Johnny called the woman claiming to be from “Publisher’s Clearing House,” telling her she was in the running but needed to transfer money to them to claim it. Over the course of a week, according to an arrest warrant, the woman withdrew $83,000 out of her accounts and deposited them into others.

Johnny was arrested in January 2019 in Massachusetts and waived extradition to Connecticut, after which he pleaded not guilty in the case. He posted a $25,000 bond using a Florida address. But when the case was called in court last week, Johnny wasn’t there. His lawyer, Douglas Rudolph, said the reason was simple: Johnny died from complications of malaria months ago in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A death certificate was provided to the prosecutor, but it was very fishy as it seemed to have correction fluid marks all over it. He said he’s tried to reach the doctor listed on the death certificate to no avail and that there are issues between Johnn’s wife in Orlando and his family in Africa.

If Johnny is alive, the judge ordered him to be rearrested and held on a $100,000 bond if he does turn up.

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