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Beer the cause to and solution to all of lives problems. At least that’s what it seems for this Florida Man who had almost got away with it if it wasn’t for that can of beer.

Orange County deputies arrested Kenneth Robert Stough Jr. He is accused of murdering a convenience store manager back in 1996. Orange County credits the forensics team for doing a great job collecting evidence from the scene. It was at a convenience store deputies say Stough stabbed manager Terrence Paquette 73 times. But during the attack, Stough got cut and left his own blood at the scene.

Kenneth Robert Stough Jr.

In 2019 they reopened the case. Sending blood samples to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The blood was linked to Stough’s relatives. Deputies did a little dumpster diving behind a gas station in Eustis, where Stough had tossed a beer he had finished. They then matched the DNA from the can to the blood and that was all they needed to arrest Stough.


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