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He says he makes almost a half million a year as a YouTube and Tik Tok superstar, according to Channel 8. Well he’ll have to dip into that to pay his legal bills because Damaury Mikula was arrested at his home Friday after he reportedly did a “burn out” in front of officers at a red light. FHP said Mikula glanced over at a trooper and then ran a red light on State Road 54. They say tires smoked as he darted off in his gray Dodge Challenger.

FHP says he took off and reached speeds of 100MPH. His getaway was short lived. Florida Highway Patrol showed up at his home in Land O’ Lakes. He was arrested and taken to the Pasco County Jail without incident. And his Challenger was towed away. The New York Post reports that Mikula told police that “he can do whatever he wants” because of his youth and money. [Source: Channel 8]

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