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They say he threw cash at the chief's feet.

A haunted house is supposed to be scary. You should experience fear and terror, but in a controlled, safe way.

According to WFLA, Florida man is accused of trying to run a Halloween haunted house that was deemed unsafe by authorities. The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office says a man is now in custody on bribery charges after he attempted to pay off their local fire chief.

Paul John Catucci was arrested and charged with bribery of a public official on October 20th. They say the man built a backyard haunted house and neighbors reported it to police.

The fire chief showed up and questioned the man about his haunted house and found multiple issues with the property. When the chief pointed out the infractions, they say the owner tried to give the chief money in exchange for turning his head and ignoring the problems.

The fire chief found many fire hazards and unsafe structures, calling some of the violations “horrifying”. When the owner was told he could not operate the haunted house, they say he offered money for the official to look the other way.

Later, they say the man also offered a deputy a bribe. Catucci says he was only joking when he made the offers of money. He is now facing a felony bribery charge.


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