The live grenade was 100% ready to explode.

It was a pretty laid back day in Bunnell, Florida. The weather was getting cooler and the humidity was falling.

Love bugs were nowhere to be found. All in all, life was pretty good for 64-year-old Louis Branson as he putted along in his old Dodge truck and listened to the radio.

Problem was, police say the man was driving with an expired tag. That’s why they pulled the truck over and questioned the man.

According to Click Orlando, during the subsequent investigation, police determined that Branson was also driving on an expired license. The man was taken into custody and his pickup was searched.

During the search, an officer got a huge surprise. Stuffed among the petrified French fries and pocket change, was a live grenade.

We’re not talking about a toy or a fake grenade. This was a live, ready-to-explode, authentic, pull-the-pin-and-throw grenade.

The officer slowly and gently got out of the vehicle, cleared the area and called the bomb squad. When asked about the grenade, Branson said he had cleaned a veteran’s home recently.

He told them he found the grenade in the home and decided to keep it as a souvenir. He said he didn’t know if it was real or not. He knows now.


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