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Employers hope to fill jobs.

I’m not gonna lie, it would be super sweet if someone would give me $750 in cash. I’d buy tacos, burritos, Slurpees, make a car payment, buy a new lawn mower, invest in crypto…or splurge on a half tank of gas.

According to WFLA, the Pinellas Board of Commissioners is giving thought to making a one-time payment to county workers who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus by the second week of November. That means up to 5,500 county workers could get a $750 payment.

Workers would have to show proof of immunization before November 8th to be eligible. Once proof is shown, workers would receive the money by November 24th.

While some government offices are experiencing shortages of workers due to the pandemic, incentives are needed to lure more people into the workforce. The stimulus check was originally planned for September, but it’s government, ya know?

Authorities say the incentive would also allow employers to get a better idea how many workers have been fully vaccinated.


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