Nikki Sixx offered up some details on the fall Vince Neil took off stage during a set at the Monsters on the Mountain festival earlier this month from how it happened to how it could’ve been a lot worse.

Sixx told Billboard that the festival crew did not apply reflective tape to the stage to show where the edge of the stage was and said, “Without that it’s all completely black, so you can walk forward thinking there’s still stage there and fall off. I’ve done that myself; Vince and I were laughing about one time we both fell off the stage at the same show.”

Sixx would add, “But he was really lucky; He said if it wasn’t a song that he was playing rhythm guitar on it could’ve been his head, which would’ve been a worse injury. The guitar broke his fall. But he’ll heal up and we’ll be ready to go on tour in June. This tour’s been (postponed) twice; We just didn’t have enough information at the time, with protocols and all, to go and do a stadium tour. We’re all feeling good about it now, and we can’t wait, man.”

Sixx is currently promoting his new book The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx which is available now via The book shines a light on the lesser-known part of the bassist’s life before all of the wild excess and legendary stories many fans have come to know.


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