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We all had a girlfriend who lived in Canada, but how about one in a Nissan Pickup? That’s what Florida Man Matthew Huber told police he was looking for while high on meth.

Tuesday evening, police were sent to a Vero Beach Wal-Mart to investigate a suspect seen looking through multiple vehicles. While searching vehicles Matthew Huber was seen stripping opening people’s tailgates. When confronted by deputies, Matthew informed them he was looking for his girlfriend, Emma. Matthew said he was looking for stuff to sell so he could see Emma.

When asked where Emma was, Matthew said the only time he gets to see her is when he is high on meth and that he was, in fact, looking for her in the back of the trucks as well.

Huber was arrested for burglary and carrying a concealed weapon–a butterfly knife–during the commission of a criminal offense. He is locked up on a $10,000 bond on the two felony counts. Huber’s rap sheet includes convictions for grand theft, robbery, narcotics possession, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Pictured above, Huber explained to cops that he was “attempting to get in the vehicle to see his imaginary girlfriend Emma,” adding that he only sees Emma “when he’s tripping on meth.”

Copy of the Police Report

[Source Smoking Gun]

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