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The hack was discovered by an executive.

It’s a dark story, for sure. Authorities say a Florida woman has been charged with allegedly hacking into a computer system and changing the status of several aircraft owned by a private flight company.

Here’s a better explanation. According to MSN, they say a woman hacked into the flight information about specific airplanes that were out of service for repair.

She then changed their status so they were okayed to fly. That hack could have killed countless people in the air and on the ground.

The tampering was discovered when the company’s CEO logged on to their site and found several discrepancies in the repair logs for their airplanes. Important identifying information about each aircraft, such as tail number, mechanical maintenance records and other required safety details had been deleted, while other repair updates were changed to ‘completed’.

Those changes could have potentially led to an unsafe airplane to fly. He immediately grounded all of the company’s aircraft until the problems were figured out.

An investigation led to a previous employee and his daughter. Both had left the company in 2019.

While no charges were brought against the father, the daughter was charged with accessing a computer without authority and modifying computer data without authority.


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