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Some parents remind you that maybe yours weren’t too bad. Carolina Vizcarra, 33, left her 2-year-old daughter with an off-duty officer and walked out of the hospital they were visiting.

Tuesday at the Miami Hospital, Vizcarra showed up with her daughter and found a complete stranger to hand her off to. Vizcarra inadvertently ran into an off-duty cop and asked him to watch her daughter while she ran to the bathroom. Unfortunately, the Officer was also handed the child’s social security card during the handoff.

According to the arrest report, the Officer tried to follow Vizcarra, who told the Officer to “Leave me alone” while she fled the hospital. The Officer responded, “You don’t have to do this,” while attempting to chase her down.

Speaking for Miami Police Department, Officer Kenia Fallat said. “Luckily, he was a police officer, and what was going through his mind was he went into police mode.”

Miami Police issued a “Be On the Look Out” (BOLO), but Vizcarra was not immediately found. Around 5:40, Vizcarra would call deputies from the hospital and give the exact description of her daughter. She was arrested and quoted, “It’s not like I just left her. It’s a hospital, and I was worried for her. I was thinking I am about to sleep on the streets, but not her.”

Vizcarra was arrested on a child abandonment charge. Her daughter is in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families. Officials said a family member did come forward, and they were working to verify the relationship.

[Source Miami Herald]

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