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The boyfriend watched and recorded the action.

A Florida police officer is without a job after the Collier County Sheriff’s Association says he had sex with a woman while in uniform as the woman’s boyfriend watched and recorded the sexual acts on video.

According to IB Times, they say the incident happened in the back seat of the officer’s squad car. The sheriff’s department said they had received a previous report of the officer’s behavior, complete with video evidence.

During an investigation, it was discovered that the woman and her boyfriend were members of a local nudist colony and had an ‘open’ relationship, allowing both of them to have sex with other people. It is also believed that while the officer consented to sex, he did not know he was being recorded.

Once the officer was confronted with the evidence, he admitted to the sexual acts and was fired. Believe it or not, this is the third time this week an officer has been suspended or terminated for having sex while on duty.

One case happened in Los Angeles, when an officer had sex with a woman in a Universal Studios parking lot. The other occurred in Wisconsin. In that case, the officer left his microphone on while having sex with a prostitute in his unmarked vehicle.


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