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TAMPA, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 10: A general view of Raymond James Stadium during the fourth quarter between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Miami Dolphins on October 10, 2021 in Tampa, Florida.

Thursday night is coming quickly, and the Bucs are going to be taking on the Eagles. It’s looking to be another Bucs win as even some Eagles Sports Writers are worried about their Passing Defense.


Bruce Arians has Thursday on his mind right now, even after defeating the Miami Dolphins. Bruce is aimed at Thursday night with little time to prepare for the upcoming Thursday game against the Eagles. Bruce congratulated them on their win in the locker room but told them to “put it to bed” because the real challenge was coming. This is the Bucs short week between games, and they won’t have the advantage of being home for it either as they head to Philly.

Second Year Tackle Tristan Wirfs said that the Buccaneers staff has done a good job setting the team up with recovery items and really getting the team prepared. Buccaneers coaches will most likely take it easy on the team by running walk-through practices and smaller practice sessions.


The threat of the Eagles is not just a single-player. It’s a fact they have multiple movers and shakers. DeVonta Smith, a rookie, leads the team with 25 catches alone, but 7 other Eagles players have 13 or more catches. The Bucs defense will have to work around the newer offensive line, which is garnering results aplenty. They currently place 5th in yards per carry but have allowed quite a few sacks per pass attempt.

The Bucs offense may have a better time as long as the offensive line can hold. According to Ed Kracz of Eagle Maven, an Eagles Fan Nation Page, Defensive Coordinator Jonathan Gannon typically doesn’t use dime defenses and rarely blitzes which leaves Brady open to doing the best slam passes on his time. While their coverage has garnered them 3rd in pass defense, it’s hard to beat the GOAT that is Tom Brady. However, this may be a chance to secure some rushing yards as the Eagles are currently 30th in rush defense.

When to Catch the Game

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-1) at Philadelphia Eagles (2-3)

Thursday, October 14, 8:20 p.m. ET

Photos from Buccaneers Smackdown on Miami