It all started with an argument.

Until this moment, Treasure Island was considered a safe, beautiful place to hang out with loved ones.

You could drink with buddies and dig your toes in the sand while eating a grouper sandwich and listening to live music. That façade has now been forever shattered.

According to ABC 7, a terrifying pizza attack has occurred, destroying the illusion of serenity in this sleepy, beachfront hamlet. Local police say they responded to a report of an assault with a slice of pizza and found one man and one woman on the scene, both of whom played a part in the vicious interaction.

An investigation revealed that the roommates were arguing when it took a dark turn, resulting in one throwing a slice of delicious Za at the other. When the sauce finally settled, police say the man had expertly hurled a slice of pizza with deadly precision at the other roommate, leaving his opponent splattered and broken, a victim of the delectable doughy dinner item.

There were no injuries reported, though lives were changed forever. 50-year-old Daniel Allen Plunkett now stands accused of tossing the food with reckless abandon at the unsuspecting woman.

The man, covered in pizza sauce from neck to stomach, was charged with battery and violation of probation. He was arrested on the scene.


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