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Officers observed the car swerving in traffic.

Police in Delray Beach ran across an unusual situation recently.

According to Boca News Now, at about 2:30 am on Friday morning, investigation details reveal that an officer observed a vehicle veering back and forth slowly in a lane of traffic. After a few moments, the car was pulled over.

As the officer approached the car, he noticed that the driver was slapping herself in the face repeatedly. The woman, later identified as Maria Slater, was questioned at the scene.

As the officer asked the woman for her driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance, he noted the smell of alcohol on her breath. He also noted in his report that she seemed to be disoriented and had a hard time following commands.

During questioning, the woman admitted to drinking with her coworkers at a local car lot after she got off work at about 10:45 pm. The woman was arrested and charged with DUI.


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