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He used his trash can as a cage.

The video began to go viral last night.

According to Tampa FP, Florida man, in all of his glory and splendor, was caught on video asserting his dominance over the rest of the food chain while trapping a wild alligator in his front yard. The bearded man, wearing sandals and tube socks, can be seen flipping a curbside trash can on its side, then using it as an impromptu cage for the critter.

He talks to the videographer as he coaxes the beast backwards and moves the Herbie Curby toward it. Slowly but surely, the alligator slides into the container, writhing about and thrashing wildly.

Once the reptile is inside the can, the man flips it back onto its top and slams the lid shut. Finally, the man walks the bin to the edge of a pond, where he lays it on it side and allows the alligator to exit.

It’s amazing how well the whole process goes from start to finish. Then again, HE IS Florida man. Here’s the full video.


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