The elderly woman refused to be a victim.

First, a clarification: The woman had the shovel, not the alligator.

That would have been odd. Now, back to the story.

Florida woman is not to be trifled with, under any circumstances. She will brain a gator with little to no provocation.

That was proven recently when a 74-year-old woman was attacked as she was gardening. According to the Miami Herald, the Naples woman said the gator bit her while she was tending to her plants.

The alligator, which measured approximately 7-feet-long, bit the woman’s leg viscously (like they do). The animal then dragged the woman to a nearby canal.

As the woman was being dragged, she hit the gator repeatedly over the head with a shovel she had been using in her garden. After about 20 to 30 blows to the head with the shovel, the beast finally let go, sparing the woman’s life.

A passerby helped the woman by giving her a towel to control the blood loss until emergency crews arrived. The victim was treated on-site, then taken to the hospital.

No further details on her condition are known. Florida Fish and Wildlife say the alligator was captured by a trapper later that night.


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