Police found the suspects almost immediately.

As Tampa police flew over the I-4/I-275 area a few nights ago, they say a green laser suddenly appeared from the ground for just a few seconds.

According to Tampa FP, someone downtown was purposely trying to flash a laser at their aircraft. The crew quickly diverted their helicopter’s path to protect their vision, but located the origin of the laser within seconds.

After a short time the laser was turned on again, but this time police had turned their camera toward the laser, quickly identifying where it came from. Within moments, ground forces were in the vicinity of the man holding it.

Police discovered two men sitting in Curtis Hixon park, one of them still holding the laser. Police say 21-year-old Gerald Perez was arrested on the scene.

Sadly, that’s not where the story ends. Another incident happened the very next night, when a traffic control tower at Tampa International Airport reported that lasers had been seen in the area, and they were being aimed at aircraft coming to and leaving the airport.

Officers almost immediately tracked a laser to a private residence, where 33-year-old Dhaneshwar Sahadeo was questioned. They were able to determine that the man had stood in front of his home while aiming the laser at passing air traffic, other times while sitting in a chair in his driveway.

Sahadeo was taken into custody.

[SOURCE: TampaFP.com]

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