Grady Judd is warning kids and parents.

The law is pretty clear. You can’t destroy or steal school property, regardless of a social media dare.

According to WFLA, Grady Judd and the boys in Polk County have been driving that point home recently, as they have arrested several minors for a fad called “devious licks”, which involves damaging school bathrooms and school property in general. Sheriff Judd says anyone caught will face criminal charges.

They have already charged several minors with damage to a soap dispenser and a bathroom sink. Some cases have also included stolen bathroom fixtures which were found in the possession of the accused parties.

There are currently videos making the rounds on TikTok that feature minors ripping fixtures off of walls and damaging plumbing. In a typical Grady-ism, Sheriff Judd told kids, “if you commit a devious lick, you will be charged with a criminal lick”.

The challenge is not only in Polk County. Seminole and Pasco counties have also reported damage at almost every school in their districts.

While some school systems are choosing to handle the crimes internally, others are pressing charges and prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law. Those who are prosecuted will face suspension, expulsion and criminal charges that would remain on their records.

Sheriff Judd also told parents that they would be responsible for any costs associated with damage or theft their kids are convicted of doing, adding that minors may not fully understand the implications of charges on their future. While media awareness has increased and TikTok has officially banned devious lick content, Judd said kids are getting around the rules by misspelling “devious” so searchers can still find the content.


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