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Jeff Zito

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With seven Super Bowl victories under his belt, it’s been quite some time since Tom Brady had to make excuses for his shortcomings. But now he’s shading people who do.

Specifically, the Buccaneers superstar says he has big problem with people who cast blame for their mistakes on others. “Today, the world wants to blame, and shame, and guilt, and fear everything all the time,” Brady says.

“We would never teach our kids that, you know? We would never say, ‘This is how you’re gonna get through life the best — you’re gonna blame everyone when things don’t go right.’ Or, ‘I always get it my way but you should never get it your way.’ It’s not how to live a joyful life.”

And no organization exemplifies the problem more than the NFL does, Brady adds.

“General managers, head coaches, players, quarterbacks, receivers, defense, offense — it’s so easy to blame someone else,” he says. “It’s so hard to say, ‘I didn’t get the job done and we collectively didn’t get the job done.’ That’s the best part about team sports. I picked a team where everybody’s like, ‘Hey, we gotta get better.’ You gotta play it together.”

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