The man jumped a security fence and went to the cage.

Wild cats are gorgeous and majestic. They are not, however, little bitty lovable kitties that just want to snuggle…unless you are edible. Florida man tested that hypothesis yesterday at the Jacksonville Zoo. The man jumped a security fence and approached the Jaguar pen. Feeling trusting and maybe a little out of his freaking mind, he decided to put his hand directly in the cage with the wild animals. Yep, one of the cats took a swipe at the man’s arm, injuring him immediately. The man was taken to a local hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries. A witness told police that the man was taunting the Jaguars shortly before the incident. A worker said Florida man was extremley lucky that the Jaguar wasn’t able to latch on to the man’s arm. After the incident, a trail of Florida man’s blood could be seen along the path from the Jaguar cage to the ambulance. Source:

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