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Red tide is traveling up the coast and has been affecting a lot some Tampa Bay area beaches but some local fisherman have answered question we’ve all been wondering: Is it still safe to eat fish?

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), State regulators have detected red tide at several beaches in Pinellas County. We all know that is the reason tons of dead fish have been showing up along our coast and it brings up the question: Is seafood safe to eat? A local fisherman, Captain Dylan Hubbard, cleared it up for us:

“The only seafood that would be impacted by red tide at all would be certain types of shellfish. For example, oysters and clams. Those are the types of seafood are more impacted by it because they can get certain concentrations of certain bacteria.”

He also added that due to all of the regulations, an officer from the FWC inspects inspects all of the fish caught by the local commercial fishermen. To add on top of that, since the water is so warm here in Florida there aren’t many shellfish to catch in this area. Last thing to note, when you by seafood from Publix or go out to a restaurant and order mahi mahi, that is usually caught offshore.

There you have it, I’m going to enjoy some salmon for dinner and won’t let the local red tide stop me from enjoying my seafood.

[Source: WTSP]

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