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There is always a lesson you can learn from after seeing something silly happen to a fellow Florida man, this time it has to do with a Lamborghini and a scooter…

A guy in Miami beach was lounging at home when he heard his $200,000 Lamborghini start up. As soon as looked out the window and realized it was his super expensive car getting taken, he decided to jump on his scooter and go after the guy. No, the owner did not catch up with the guy who stole his car. The kid was caught by police after he parked the vehicle and tried to run away. Might I add the keys to the Lamborghini were in the garage… TISK TISK! If we all learn anything: 1) Don’t put your car keys in obvious places, especially for a Lamborghini. 2) You cannot catch up to a Lamborghini on a scooter.

[Source: WSB-TV]

Some of Our Favorite Places Around Tampa Bay

Here are some of our favorite places to visit within the city limits. Might also be good places to take your out of town guests, too!

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