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File photo. Durham Bulls Athletic Park in Durham, North Carolina.

The goods news this morning is that the Tampa Bay Rays say Tyler Zombro is in stable condition. Zombro is a pitcher with the Rays currently playing in for the minor league Triple A team the Durham Bulls. He was hit in the head by a blazing line drive hit last night. The situation was so serious it put an end to the game.

The incident happened late in the game in the 8th inning. It was a scary scene as Zombro was at first motionless after the ball hit him. Convulsions followed as the team’s medical staff rushed to the pitcher’s mound. In the video above, you see players visibly shaken as they prayed for Zombro.

Zombro signed with the Rays in 2017, according to USA Today. This was his 9th game with the Durham Bulls this year. [Source: USA Today]

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