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Rally driver and 'Flying Finn' Timo Makinen (1938 - 2017) raising his thumb after passing his English driving test, UK, 4th June 1965. (Photo by M. Stroud/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

In a tragic story out of Florida, a father is dead after trying to teach his son how to drive.


The accident occurred in a church parking lot in Naples, where the 65-year-old man was giving a driving lesson to his 35-year-old son, police say. The dad was standing in front of the SUV, teaching his son how to park, when the son accidentally stepped on the accelerator, police say. The vehicle jumped the parking block and plowed into the father, who died a short time later, authorities say.


The son is now facing a felony charge of driving without a license resulting in serious injury, court records indicate.