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With Memorial Day Weekend fast approaching, you might be curious about where red tide has been detected. Right now, the Florida Department of Health is not warning you to stay away, but if you smell that smell or feel that tickle in your throat, it’s probably best to leave.

Dead fish believed to be the related to red tide have been reported in Manatee, Sarasota, Lee and Collier Counties over the past week. Manatee and Lee County beaches have some caution signs up as they have had the highest concentrations of red tide in the area this week. Lee is the only one though with reports of high concentrations. In Pinellas County, “very low concentrations” of red tide have been observed. But they do forecast “northwest movement of surface waters and net eastern subsurface transport” over the next week. In other words, trust those ears and your throat.

To get a status update on the beach you’re heading to, you can call 727-502-4952. The update the report every Friday. You can also check a daily sample map online. [Source: Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission]

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