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His caretaker died, so no one mowed the grass.

I know what you’re thinking; how can a guy be fined $30,000 for not mowing his yard? Well, several things added up in just the right way in this particular case. Jim Ficken of Dunedin got caught up in the mess after his mother died a few years ago. Jim had to take care of her estate long-distance. He was forced to rely on an elderly neighbor to mow the lawn and take care of the property. That guy died, leaving the property to fall into a state of disarray. The grass grew tall, over 10 inches in height. That’s when Ficken’s attorneys say, the city of Dunedin began to fine the man $500 each day for the infractions. They also say Ficker was never notified of the charges. It didn’t take long for the fines to add up, eventually reaching $30,000. The fines were so high that Ficker faced foreclosure on his mother’s property. While a lower court decided in Ficker’s favor and dropped the fines, now a higher court has reversed the previous decison, saying he still owes all 30k. Ficker has vowed to fight the ruling. Source:

Sean Roberts was conceived in the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky by two passionate, panel aligning, third shifters who had grown bored with the same ole same ole. Upon birth, he was placed in the trunk of a new Stingray and sent off to find his destiny. That destiny included several stints on radio stations across the United States. Some played punk country gospel, while others focused on Croatian death metal played backwards. After many years and many adventures, Sean wound up on The Shark, where he does shots of tequila while playing the most badass tunes ever created by humankind. He remains humble, however, never forgetting about the lean years...the street corners and dark alleys where he played songs on his car stereo for food and sex. He's on top and he's never gonna stop LIVING THE DREAM!