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ABC Action news reports there’s a new species of spider that’s arrived in Florida. Actually, it was first seen about 10 years ago, but they didn’t realize until now that it’s a whole new species. They’re called “trapdoor spiders.” They need a warm climate (lucky us). They got the name due to how they build a makeshift trap door like overhang to catch their prey. They don’t build webs. It’s kind of brilliant. Watch this!

Trapdoor Spiders Are Masters Of Surprise

Trapdoor spiders brow about 10 inches into the ground to surprise their prey. The INSIDER team believes that life is an adventure! Subscribe to our channel a...

A bite from a trapdoor spider is said to be a low risk to humans, but the bite can be painful. Trapdoor spiders are described as large, hairy, and aggressive. They have 8 eyes. Two in the middle. And 3 on each side of their body. These things are known to eat frogs, birds, snakes, mice and fish. Get used to ’em. They say these critters are able to live for decades. [Sources: Animal Corner, ABC Action News.

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