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Our airport is pretty popular. Compared to other airports in major cities, it’s a breeze to fly in and out of TPA. Nothing shows you how good we have it like when you have to fly back. But that convenience is going to cost a bit more starting Monday.

The Tampa Bay Times reports parking rates across the board will go up by $2 on April 6. Parking for 24 hours will cost $24 in the short-term lot, $20 for the long-term lot and $12 in economy parking. They say the jump in price has been coming for a long time. The pandemic delayed the price increase.

There is one way around the price increase – at least for now. If you use the airport’s new website payment system, you’ll save $2 a day. You book your parking online at They send you an email with a scannable code. Another way around it? Bug your friends or family member for a ride or use a ride sharing app like Uber or Lyft. [Source: TBT]

10 Worst Airports For Holiday Delays…

Compare Cards says choose a nonstop early morning flight if you can. And avoid these airports for a connecting flight. They say these 10 had the most delayed or cancelled flights over the past 10 years in December.