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Big congratulations to Keith Maley. His trip to pick up a few groceries paid off nicely. He bought one of those $5,000,000 Luck scratch off tickets at the Publix on Jim Redman Parkway in Plant City. He didn’t get that top prize of $5 million, but we doubt he’s complaining. Channel 8 reports he scored a $1 million prize. Not bad for a $20 investment! Jim won’t actually quite be a millionaire though. You know how it goes. Uncle Sam takes his cut. The 66 year old said thanks but no thanks to taking distributions – he wanted it all so he’ll get a lump sum payment of $760,000.

They say the odds of winning with this particular ticket are a little under 1 in 3. However, pretty sure the prizes go far lower than $1 million. That Publix location also wins. They get $2,000 for selling the winner. [Source: Channel 8]

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