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UPDATE: The Tampa Bay Times and Fox 13 this morning confirmed the news. An official announcement is expected soon from WWE. They say only essential personnel will be allowed in for now… meaning no fans – yet.

Original story…

Body Slams at Tropicana Field? It’s the plan according to a pro wrestling news website.

The WWE had to pull the plug on WrestleMania at Raymond James Stadium earlier this year, thanks to COVID-19. But now, it looks like Vince McMahon may have plans to bring the body slams back to Tampa Bay. St. Pete specifically.

Various pro wrestling news websites like are reporting that World Wrestling Entertainment may set up shop at Tropicana Field for their TV programming starting as soon as December. Since they can’t have fans in attendance, WWE has been having “virtual fans” faces on TV monitors in the seats. It’s kind of creepy, but in 2020, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

The Trop isn’t far from the wrestling company’s current home base in Orlando. Lately WWE has been broadcasting their matches from their training center and at the Amway Center. They say that deal ends soon. Tropicana Field isn’t being used for anything else, given the coronavirus life. No Christmas decorations. No baseball games. So why not pro wrestling? There’s no word on how many fans would be let in to watch the matches. [Source:]

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