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A guy who has been camping in Walt Disney World got caught and has been fined and you won’t believe the penalty was this low.

Channel 8 reports Richard McGuire broke into Disney World and camped on Discovery Island. He eventually got caught and was fined $100. He’s also banned from Disney for life and will have to pay for some court costs too. Did he try to keep it on the down low? Nah not at all. The Orlando Sentinel reports he was filming it for YouTube.

Discovery Island is that small piece of land in front of Magic Kingdom that was open to the public in the 90’s, similar to Animal Kingdom, and Disney closed it in 1999. McGuire said he did not know it was Disney’s because it looked like a tropical paradise. The “island” in the middle of the man made lake surrounded by a Disney park and their hotels. [Source: WFLA]

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