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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 01: A Supporter for Cardinal George Pell holds up the Bible before he was committed to stand trial at Melbourne Magistrates' Court on May 1, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. Cardinal Pell was charged on summons by Victoria Police on 29 June 2017 over multiple allegations of sexual assault. Cardinal Pell is Australia's highest ranking Catholic and the third most senior Catholic at the Vatican, where he was responsible for the church's finances. Cardinal Pell has leave from his Vatican position while he defends the charges.

A Florida man who was arrested for breaking into his neighbor’s home says he only did it because God told him to.

Deputies found Summerfield, FL resident Robert Hoskins, 39, wearing nothing but underwear when they arrived to question him about the break-in at his neighbor’s house, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. “Hoskins revealed that he had a Bible behind his back,” says sheriff’s spokesman Zachary Moore. “He raises up his Bible and says, ‘I commend you,’ whatever, and throws the Bible at Deputy Stith. We’re not making this stuff up. This is for real.” The deputy used a Taser to subdue Hoskins and he was arrested on five charges, Moore says.

After deputies brought Hoskins in, they asked him why he’d committed the crime. He told them, “Because God told me to,” according to his arrest report.