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A Dover woman pretty much had the best 33rd birthday ever. Ana Chivara grabbed a lottery scratch off ticket in Plant City at the Circle K on Branch Forbes Road and hit it big. How big? $5 million! Although she’ll be celebrating a little more modestly since she took the lump sum payment of $3,915,000. She actually bought the ticket 3 days before her birthday according to Channel 8, but close enough.

The game she won was the CASHWORD scratcher. It’s a $20 ticket with eight of those $5 million grand prizes. There are also 24 $1 million winners. [Source: Channel 8]

Lightning 2004 Memories

After last night’s HUGE win over New York, Lightning fans are having serious Stanley Cup fever. Check out these great photos of even the Stanley Cup winning team at the “St. Pete Times Forum” with appearances by Elvis impersonators, Alexander Ovechkin and Hulk Hogan!?