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Yeah it’s that time of year to learn how to do the shuffle. If you’re a lifelong Floridian, you probably know the Stingray Shuffle. If not, here’s how to do the dance. Swimmers are getting stung by jellyfish at Clearwater Beach lately and there’s an easy way to avoid it. To do the “Stingray Shuffle,” just slide your feet through the sand instead of taking steps. Stringrays will be scared away by the vibration and thus, won’t sting you!

If you get a jellyfish sting, you’ll know it. The pain is immediate and you’ll see red irritated marks on your skin. If you have severe symptoms like difficulty breathing or vomiting, it’s best to see a doctor. Your best move is to wear a wetsuit and swim near a manned lifeguard station.

Geno’s 20 favorites movies that are always on TV

When one of these movies comes on, I’ll gladly give up two hours of my weekend. Few of these are “great” movies. They’re just always on. They’re mostly mindless simple fun flicks to escape the world.