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Back in February we witnessed Ryan Newman’s major crash at the Daytona 500 and this past weekend he returned to the scene.

Ryan Newman was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital after a huge crash in the Daytona 500, after he had to be cut out of his car. He spoke about his return and how it would feel to go back after such a speedy recovery. It was pretty remarkable. Before the race on Sunday, Ryan went on the over hear speaker to thank to all of the Daytona track workers and paramedics for helping to save his life six months ago.

“Hey everyone, just want to say a big thank you. This is a special day for me. I owe a lot of it because of all the things that you guys did back in February. It has enabled me to come back to this racetrack and do what I love. Thank you for your support, not only for me personally but for all the things you do for all of us drivers. It goes a long way and I want to say thank you from the deepest of my heart. Thank you.”

– Ryan Newman