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OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 16: A grizzly bear swims in a pool at the Oakland Zoo on April 16, 2020 in Oakland, California. Since the Oakland Zoo has been closed to the public during the shelter in place, they are offering a subscription based service that will feature five weekly behind the scenes live streamed interactive programs that will feature animal keepers and their animals. Viewers are able to interact with the keepers by submitting questions to about the animals. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A man on his balcony saw a bear trying to break into his car, so he used his “dad voice” to scare it away . . . and it worked.  Twice.  The bear opened the car door and then closed it immediately after each “dad voice.”

Dad Voice Works to Scare Bear Away || ViralHog

Occurred on July 23, 2020 / Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA "My wife and I were at a cabin for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. We have three young sons, so ...