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California has the highest amount of cars on the road and also the most crashes than any other state. But crashes have decreased drastically since the state has been in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The shelter-in-place order handed down on March 20 has had the effect of cutting traffic accidents—as well as crash-related injuries and deaths—in half, according to a report by the Road Ecology Center at the University of California Davis.

In addition, the report estimates the drop in accidents has saved the state $40 million per day, or roughly $1 billion since the shelter-in-place order began. The report estimates that, since the order took effect, crashes have plunged from about 1,000 to 500 per day, and those with injuries or deaths have gone from roughly 400 to 200 per day.

CBS News examined the recent data of car accidents and found that the total number of fatal car crashes in California have dropped by 84% during the pandemic. California Highway Patrol Captain Salvador Suarez says that traffic is down 35%, which has allowed emergency vehicles faster access to road accidents.

Twenty states total have seen significant drops in fatal car crashes. Michigan is down 67% and Illinois’ fatal car crash total has also dropped by 57%.

However, states like Louisiana, Minnesota and Oklahoma have seen their numbers rise. The national count for drivers traveling over 100mph has risen by 30%, too.