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A YouTuber named Kat Curtis has gone viral with her “hack” on how to get free food at the mall.  She rides the escalator and when someone going the other way is holding food, she leans over and sneaks a bite or grabs some fries.

The other person can’t do anything, at least right away, because they’re going in the opposite direction.  The original clip was posted a couple of weeks ago, but it recently blew up.  It’s stealing and unsanitary, and might even be staged . . . but that’s not the point.


TikTok video shows woman snatching 'free' food from strangers at mall

A daring social media blogger went to extreme lengths to get "free food" and laughs while at a California mall. In a set of hilarious videos, Kat Curtis filmed herself at the Glendale Galleria mall literally snatching snacks from other shoppers while riding the escalators.