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For some dog lovers, adopting a pet just isn’t an option. It’s a big commitment. Or maybe you’re just unsure if a dog in your home would work out. For shelters, they’re finding that dogs have more of a chance of finding a forever home if they spend a few nights away from the noise and cages in a quiet home. So Friends of Strays Animal Shelter in St. Pete has created “Maddie’s Fun Sleepover Challenge.” You sign up to have a two night “pawjama party” with a dog from their shelter. No commitment beyond those two nights. Just give a homeless pup a loving home, food and water for a couple nights.

The research tells them that even just a couple nights away from the shelter helps not only the dog, but shelter staff and volunteers. For a homeless dog, they get some love, peace and quiet. They found that fostered dogs become less likely to be returned once adopted. The 2 month program starts February 23 and online applications are being accepted now. You pick a date and time that works for you.