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TikTok released its top videos of the year . . . and it includes memes, dance challenges, celebrities, and other stuff that went viral.  The #1 viral video was David Dobrik and Nick Uhas’s take on “Elephant Toothpaste,” where they make a huge foamy explosion by combining hydrogen peroxide and potassium iodide.

LIL NAS X was named the #1 TikTok Artist of the Year . . . WILL SMITH the #1 Celebrity of the Year . . . and an illusionist named ZACH KING was the Breakout Creator of the Year.


TikTok Top 100: Celebrating the videos and creative community that made TikTok so lovable in 2019

You made 2019 the year of TikTok, when millions of people all over the world participated in endless entertainment in hilarious, quirky and joyful moments that broke the norms of expression and creativity.