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After 8-months of dating, Kazakhstan-based bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko has decided to tie the knot with his love interest named Margo…no big deal right? Well Margo is a silicone sex doll!  

Yuri treats his soon to be silicon bride just like a living person.  He even maintains an Instagram account for her, where he posts images of them spending time together or going out to dinner.  He complains that she has issues walking, doesn’t do any cooking, and claims that she swears and argues with him at times.

He recently got her some plastic surgery to make her even more beautiful after she developed a complex after she read comments on a photo of her he posted online.  No word on a date for the wedding.


Bodybuilder proposes to sex doll after getting it plastic surgery

He's ready to tie the knot with his synthetic sweetheart. After eight months of dating, Kazakhstan-based actor and bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko is telling the world he recently bought his girlfriend Margo "cosmetic surgery" - and then proposed to her. Yes, Margo is a silicone sex doll.